How can I order from Dog Chef?

Create a profile for your dog

Insert the important information (age, weight, ...) of your dog so that we can calculate his nutritional needs

Choose the menu

Choose meals based on your dog's specific needs

We deliver at home

We deliver our fresh meals free of charge to your home, they can be kept for 14 days in the fridge or 4 months in the freezer

Manage your delivery planning

You can order individual meals or take a subscription that can be cancelled at any time (15% cheaper)
Order for my dog

Secured payment

Personalized menus to delight him

Thanks to your dog's profile, we can calculate what is the ideal daily portion for him. We use ten parameters to be able to recommend the ideal portion for your dog. Age, race, weight, build, physical activity ... everything is taken into account so that he receives a perfectly adapted household ration. Our daily portion is defined using a calculator created by veterinarians specializing in nutrition.
Boudins de nourriture Dog Chef
Caisse de livraison remplie de nourriture

A test command to try

We offer you a two-week trial box so you can see if your dog is enjoying our meals. This allows you to make a smooth food transition (5 days) and allows your dog to try out all 4 recipes so you can place your second order knowing their favorite tastes. In your trial box, you will receive portions tailored to meet your dog's nutritional needs. Either for 14 days (100% Dog Chef formula), or for half of his daily needs for 14 days (50% Dog Chef formula). The box also contains an explanatory sheet showing you how to serve meals, store them, how to give the supplements… You will also have a summary sheet of the contents of your box indicating the ideal quantity to give each day to your dog..

A Dog Chef account to manage everything

A Dog Chef account to manage everything Your Dog Chef account allows you to manage your orders from A to Z. You can modify the meals chosen, the delivery frequency, your address or even move your orders as you wish. You always have a vision of your schedule for future deliveries and you can modify your data as well as that of your doggie as you wish. You are completely free to customize your orders according to your needs.
Chien renifle box Dog Chef
Chien dans box Dog Chef

Deliveries to profit

Our goal is to make your life easier. We, therefore, make deliveries directly to you during a time slot that you choose. Meals arrive fresh so you can keep them in the fridge for 7 days and freeze the rest for 4 months. You choose the day and the delivery window you want. All our deliveries are made fresh either in a refrigerated van or in insulated boxes provided for this purpose. The cold chain is respected from start to finish. You receive an email or a text message telling you a specific delivery window and allowing you to track your delivery on a map. Dog Chef delivers with its own vans all over Belgium but also uses external carriers, in particular for Luxembourg, the Netherlands and France.

A subscription to free your mind

Your subscription launches directly after you order the trial box. You can cancel it directly from your Dog Chef account. However, it has many advantages. The subscription is non-binding. Orders are automatically scheduled so you never run out of meals. You can postpone your orders, adapt recipes, change the delivery address, ... from your Dog Chef account. You receive an email on the Thursday before each delivery week. So you always have time to adapt your order. The goal: to make your life easier!
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Do you have any questions?

How much does Dog Chef cost for my dog?
Each dog beeing different, the price varies depending on several factors such as the size of the daily portion, the frequency of delivery, the subscription chosen ... Answer the questionnaire to find out the exact price for your dog! We do not sell in stores, so what you pay goes directly to the quality of the ingredients for your dog, not the middleman.
How do you know what to take for my dog?
We developed an algorithm with the help of our veterinarians to determine the ideal meal plan for each dog. We start by asking the appropriate questions and create a personalized plan to meet your dog's needs based on a dozen factors (breed, build, activity level, etc.). You can adapt the information about your dog throughout your Dog Chef subscription to always receive the ideal portion according to his needs.
How are Dog Chef rations designed?
Our certified veterinarians, nutrition experts, rigorously formulate each recipe so as to make it complete and balanced according to European requirements. We only use ingredients suitable for human consumption. Each recipe is prepared in our workshop in Huldenberg.