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Why Dog Chef prolonges your dog's life by 3 years

Rethinking Pet Food

100% fresh ingredients - 0% additives

Our menus are made from fresh & natural ingredients of human quality and nothing else. No rendered meats, by-products, additives or preservatives ever. No bellyfillers, only great meat, vegetables, rice, fruits, ...

Customized to your dog's needs

We calibrate the exact daily portion and recipe to your dog age, weight and body composition. Our menus have been created by vets experts in nutrition to make sure your dog gets all the nutrients he needs.

You have nothing to do

Because we made sure to do the work so that you won’t have to, meal time will now be a breeze. Delivered on a regular basis or simply when you want it, just tear it open, and pour it in your dog’s bowl. Now, just watch your dog thrive!

We started with better ingredients

100% fresh ingredients - Nothing else.

Get ready for doggy happiness! Our menu offers real food made from natural ingredients. High quality proteins, nutrient rich vegetables and the vitamins and minerals your dog needs. We never use rendered meats, by products or preservatives like industrial pet food producers.

We cook your dog's meals in an industrial kitchen complient with the AFSCA rules and regulations for human food production. We do not outsource the production to an external partner to keep 100% control on the quality we deliver.

With Dog Chef, you keep control on what your dog eats and how it is made.

Feel free to contact us should you have any questions concerning the food and how it is cooked.

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Then we tailor it to your dog's unique needs

Customized recipes based on your dog's specific daily needs

Research showed that 90% of home-cooked recipes lack crucial nutrients or are given in wrong proportions.

Our recipes are created by vets experts in nutrition to make sure your dog gets all the nutrients it needs each day.

At Dog Chef, we ask you to provide critical information on your dog to create a nutrition profile. We then take that profile into account to create the ideal meal portion that's tailored to your dogs's exact nutritional needs, based on their weight, age, activity and body composition. We recommend a precise daily portion based on calories, taking the guesswork out of how much you should feed them.

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And we do everything to make your life easy

Made fresh

Your food is delivered to you within days of cooking. You can conserve it 20 days in the fridge or 3 months in the freezer.

Get it delivered at home

We deliver you at home for free in the morning, afternoon or evening. You get an SMS 30 minutes prior to the delivery.

Subscription or on-demand

Simplify your life with our weekly plans or order one-shot from time to time.

Ready to serve

One tray of Dog Chef contains your dog's daily recommended food quantity. Simply tear it open and pour it in your dog’s bowl.

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Our recipes

Our human-grade, nutritious ingredients all add up to form our bowl lickin' good meals

Chicken Supreme

This complete and well-balanced recipe has been created for dogs loving white meat. It presents a high level of digestability and is gluten-free.
Main ingredients (% dry)
Chicken 55%
Carots 15.3%
Zucchini 12%
Green beans 10%
Green lentils 5%
Vitamins & minerals 1.7%
Dog Chef Oil 1%

Gourmet Beef

This recipe made of red meat will satisfy our most exigeant client's mouths. Its high quality ingredients bring all the nutrients required for a busy dog life.
Main ingredients (% dry)
Beef 55%
Green beans 13.2%
Zucchini 12%
Pumpkin 10%
Chickpea 7%
Vitamins & minerals 1.8%
Dog Chef Oil 1%

Conservation 20 days in the frigde or 3 months in the freezer

Here's how Dog Chef works

Tell us about your dog

Tell us your dog's weight, age and body composition.

We design your plan

We customize your dog's recipes based on their profiles. We create the ideal meal that's tailored to your dogs's exact nutritional needs.

We cook with Love

We cook nutritionally-balanced, pre-portioned pet meals made from real food for optimal pet health and wellness.

We deliver the food

It arrives ready-to-serve on a regular schedule, just stick it in the fridge.

Meals are perfectly portioned

No defrosting, no guesswork. Your dog's meals are perfectly portioned based on our veterinarian nutritionist's recommendations.

Rip, serve & relax

Simply tear it open, and pour it in your dog’s bowl. Now, just watch your dog thrive!

Trusted by hundreds

Hundreds of dogs across Belgium trust Dog Chef to eat every day.

“ Before Dog Chef, meals were always difficult moment now it is a pleasure for Joe and for me.“

“ You have been a life saver. I have been wanting to cook for Mia for long, but couldn't keep a steady schedule with work. “

“ Worth a good caterer and incredible service! Thank you Dog Chef ”

Love your dog, feed it well

An alternative to industrial processed pet food

Dog Chef is an alternative to the junk food produced by industrial pet food suppliers containing meat by-products (grease, blood, feathers, carcasses), preservatives, additives, low quality ingredients, belly filling elements, waste from human processed food factories, ...

More and more vets are proning to “go back to the basics” with healthy, fresh and natural home-cooked food for your dog.

A 5 year study done by Doctor Lippert "La malbouffe ou la vie" has shown that home-cooked food, if done right, increases on average the life expectancy of dogs by more than 3 years!

Unfortunately most of the people have neither the time to cook for their dog, nor the knowledge (research showed that 90% of home-cooked recipes lack crucial nutrients or are given in wrong proportions).

Cooking with love fresh home-made food for your dogs pleasure and health is our everyday battle!

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